Saturday 10 February 2018

Valentines Day cake baking with #Hobbycraft #Review

With Valentines Day just around the corner I decided to give a little baking ago, baking is not really one of my strongest points. I love cooking its some thing I enjoy doing on a daily basis, the kitchen is my happy place its the only part of my house I can say is mine I love cooking for my children knowing their eating some thing I have put together for them. I found baking my cake the easiest part but decorating it was a Whole new ball game for me as I'm not a very artistic or creative person but I know in time and with a lot more practise I will get there soon enough.
Today myself and my eldest daughter Michaela had ago at baking a vanilla sponge cake in a Wilton Heart tasty fill cake pan set  from Hobbycraft which come in to halves so you can later add a filling to you cake creating a beautiful heart shape in the inside of your cake. Once the cake had been baked and cooled you can add the filling of your choice, we decided to be colourful and added  two bags of smarties that is some thing I've always wanted to try just like the pinata cakes.
The cake it self was deliciously moist even though we hadn't added the mixer for the middle like the booklet enclosed stated, our cake really did work well and was our very own creation.  We was really pleased with the Wilton cake pans worked extremely well I must admit though I was a little worried my cake would get stuck and not come out as I  haven't added any oil spray but with a little shake it came right out.
Once both cake bases had cooled we added our smarties, put both bases together and decorated with vanilla icingsilver edible glitter and pink edible hearts
Overall we had so much fun baking we are looking forward to making another next week and adding a new filling of Angel Delight so we can see the heart shape a little better.

I may just have to surprise my fiance with one of my special designed Valentines Cakes this year!

Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Pan Set- £10.00
Vanilla Icing- £2.50
Rainbow Dust silver Edible Glitter- £2.50
Rainbow Dust Edible Pink Hearts Glitter - £4.50

We give Hobbycraft 5-5 for all the products we was sent to review all opinions are 100% our own. 

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