Tuesday 24 April 2012

Momma-Drinking cups review


mOmma® by Lansinoh® is the latest move in Lansinoh’s quest to expand its product line to meet the needs of parents and their developing babies.

The range of stylish products from Italy is purposefully designed to encourage your baby’s development. By thoughtfully combining shape, movement and colour, mOmma products transform each moment of a baby’s meal into a time of growth, learning and fun.

Each product is specially designed to entertain and stimulate, as well as encourage your child to become more self-assured and independent.

Innovative rocking movements and round shapes engage your little one and capture their attention, while different textures, colours and shapes trigger their curiosity, encouraging them to explore their surroundings.

What’s more, mOmma helps make mealtime easier for you too. While the products rock, they will always remain upright and protective covers ensure optimum hygiene while on-the-go.

With a distinctive look – the result of innovative and modern Italian design – the extensive mOmma range combines function and beauty, for mums looking for a quality, well-crafted brand.
momma cups
With mOmma Non-Spill Cups learning does not have to mean a messy floor. While the rounded bottom and ergonomic shape encourages a rocking movement to entertain your baby, the soft silicone spout will never touch the surface of tables or highchairs, ensuring maximum hygiene. Suitable from six months, the latest spill-proof technology delivers liquid only when your child sucks and is a perfect fit for little hands. Designed to suit different age groups, the standard mOmma Non-Spill Cup is aimed at children aged six months and above, while the mOmma Non-Spill Cup with Dual Handles is ergonomically designed to encourage development in children from nine months.
As your child grows, so does mOmma; and from nine months old, children can move onto the mOmma Cup with Straw. With the same rocking movement to delight your little one and a twist lid to ensure no leakage, the BPA free, silicone straw cup is something both mum and baby will love. Again, mOmma has ensured their products help children of all ages learn and grow, by developing the standard mOmma Cup with Straw for children aged nine months and older, while the mOmma Cup with Straw & Dual Handles is perfect for children aged twelve months or more.
momma cup with straw & dual handle

I have seen a few different reviews on the orange momma cup with straw & dual handle and many people have said they leak. I was sent a momma cup with straw to try with daughter Davina and i can honestly say we have had no leakage what so ever, it has actually been the best cup we have used. We now take it every where with us as its really small and fits nicely in my bag or baby changing bag. If your like us and are forever losing your bottle lids mommas cup with straw has a great feature to help prevent you losing those lids it has a great In&out straw system which means the straw goes into and out of the cup by simply turning the cover. This modern closing system also ensures maximum hygiene even when you carry the cup around.  And when baby grows... momma grows with him thanks to Cup With Straw & Dual Handle and Cup With Straw & Single Handle. The dual grip strengthens baby’s grip and helps them to move on to a single handle. The single grip helps the baby to naturally move on to normal cups and glasses.  Another great feature is the Rocking The rocking movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration. The bottle rocks happily but it always remains upright this is great as the suction never comes into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs ensuring maximum hygiene for your little ones. Suitable for 9months+

momma-Non-Spill cup & Dual handles
We was also sent a green momma Non-spill cup & dual handle which is similar to the momma cup with straw shown above only the drinking system is different. The momma modern non-spill system is made of semi-rigid material, encourages baby to move on from soft teats to rigid cups. The non-spill system delivers the liquid only when the baby sucks. This too has a  cover thoroughly sealing the non-spill mouth, thus ensuring maximum hygiene even when you carry it around. I was quite surprised with this cup as i really thought it would leak but it hasn't, I've brought many juice cups which have had teats like this and everyone has leaked. Davina has dropped, thrown and shook this cup and nothing has came out.  Suitable for 6months+

Im really happy with both momma drinking cups they have both past our tests  and get a big thumbs up. They have been tipped, shook and dropped and there hasnt been a drop spilt,  they are really easy to clean too which is great as juice can get a litte smelly or stain.

There are range of  lovley bright colours to choose from too on momma website at      
     We give the a whopping 5/5

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