Monday 28 May 2012

g-nappies review

gNappies are eco-friendly nappies, no landfill required. 10 million disposable nappies enter landfills each day in the UK, where they sit for 500 years. And that’s just the beginning.

gNappies 100% biodegradable disposable gRefills are designed to keep your baby dry and happy. You can either compost or bin them. gNappies have many colourful, cuddly little gPants for fun nappy covers. gNappies biodegradable nappy gRefills are made of sustainably farmed wood fluff pulp, with sodium polyacrylate (SAP) for absorbency, and cellulose rayon. No plastic

We was sent the goddess little pink gpants to try for Davina now aged 19months, i must admit i wish i had tried them sooner not only are the fashionable they are comfortable and very easy to clean too making Mummy's job alot easier. So far we have had no problems or leakage which is great as i no longer have to worry when i am out. Davina absolutely loves wearing her new gNappie compared to her normal nappies as she would normally take them off and run away or she would get sore from time to time, shes not done this since wearing her gNappie so i can tell she loves wearing it she has a smile on her face and walks around the house looking at her new Gpants. gNappies are really easy to clean if your little one was to have an accident you just take out the waterproof pouch and pop it in to your washing machine, they also also wash out really well i was expecting to see a few bobbly bit to show up from the material but they came out just as new.

Little gPants are cute and comfy nappy covers that put the fun in nappy changing. Playful on the outside and high-tech on the inside. Baby's skin can breathe and stays comfortable with gBreathe™ technology. Less nappy rash. Little gPants can be used with disposable, 100% biodegradable, compostable gRefills or reusable gCloths (sold seperately.) Two easy options to reduce your baby's footprint from day one.

Having never used gNappies before i did have to read the instruction on how to use them first, the instructions were really clear and easy to follow making my gNappie experience so much simpler.

 Each pair of little gPants comes with one waterproof and breathable pouch that snaps in and out for added convenience and less laundry.
Little gPants are perfectly sized for a trim fit, from newborn to toddler. Little gPants come in sizes small, medium and large. . For newborns, choose tiny gPants, which are available in the gBaby bundle.

I would definetley recommend gNappies to other parents and they are so much better than your ordinary disposable nappie. They are very cute too almost like your little ones wearing Knicker or pants. Davina loves wearing her i think she feels more growen up like her big sister.

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