Thursday 10 May 2012

Peppa pig My First Laptop

Come and learn in the world of Peppa Pig with My First Laptop
Explore the world of  Peppa Pig as you play fun learning games with the Peppa Pig's My First Laptop. There are four different game modes to play including Discovery, Music and Quizzes. When your little one opens up the screen they are greeted with the Peppa pigs theme tune and a colourful picture of Peppa Pig at home with her brother George. My First Laptop also has a large chunky handle that makes it easy to carry around with you. 

My First laptop helps your children to learn about colours, numbers, quantities, and the alphabet by pressing the twelve answer buttons as you play the fun learning games, and press the two music buttons to hear music.
 Peppa Pig's My First Laptop is a great learning toy for fans of Peppa Pig.
 Learning is a very big part of our lives here at Mums diary of three wonderful children, i try my best to help my children develop and learn as much as i can even if its during game play.
When i received an email asking if we would like to try the Peppa pig Laptop i just had to say yes as both my daughters are big fans of Peppa pig.  Davina is now 18months but very forward for her age and picks up and understands everything really quickly so i thought this would be great for her to try, when it first arrived Davina couldn't wait to get stuck in first she kept opening and closing the lid and wiggling to the music every time she open the it, she also pressed the buttons giggling and repeating them over and over.
 The age for this toy does state 24months to 5 years so Davina is a little young for the actual game modes but her speech is coming a long so theres no harm in her having a press at the buttons that help her learn letters, shapes and numbers as she already tries to speak as much as she can.

Five year old Michaela is also a fan of Peppa pig and could'nt wait for Davina to have a nap so she could have a turn on the laptop too, she has already learnt her colours, shapes and numbers at school so she found it really easy to answer the questions.
Overall both my girls love the laptop and haven't stopped playing it since it arrived, we take it every where with us as it keeps them occupied when travelling.

Peppa Pig My First Laptop
 RRP £19.99 24months - 5 years

Available at Amazon, Mothercare, John Lewis, The Entertainer, Morrisons.

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