Wednesday 17 May 2017

Maped's new SuperHero paints #Review


For most mums, the idea of letting their kids loose with the paint fills them with fear. Fortunately, Maped, the go-to global stationery favourite, has come to the rescue with its new range of super-washable, Superhero paints.

Launched under Maped’s Color’Peps brand, the Superhero range has been specifically designed to give children the power to paint, whilst giving mums and dads peace of mind that their shirts will stay safe, thanks to the paints’ unique super-washable formula. 

The unique statin-free paint formula has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it offers perfect wash-ability on cotton at 30°, even after 24 hours, with no pre-wash required. 

Kids will love the range of character designs on each superhero-shaped bottle as well as the incredible choice of high-quality, vibrant colours. From primary and secondary colours, to cool metallic shades, there’s something for every young artist. The collection also includes a range of water colours housed in its own masked-crusader themed tray.

Color’Peps Superhero paints by Maped are available at all good stationers. 

We was sent a selection of Maped Superhero shaped paints toy review, Painting is something all my children love to do but I always try to put it off and get them to use felt pens or pencils as i find when ever they paint it doesn't just end up on their paper it ends up on them, their clothes and my table and floor and it doesn't always come clean. When ask if I would like to try Maped's new range of washable Superhero paints I thought "why not lets put them to the test". When they arrived the girls were extremely excited to get painting so up the table they went, checking out all the colours and imaging what they could paint with so many bright and cheerful colours. Katelyn aged 23 months decided to get messy and use her paint brush and her fingers. Davina decided she would use lots of bright colours and create a butterfly by folding a sheet of A4 paper and then adding blobs of paint the pressing it firmly together, once open she revealed her beautiful butterfly.  

We found Maped Superhero paints were excellent quality, bright and vibrant the girls creates some amazing pictures with them and did get a little bit messy but that was ok as it cleaned up pretty easy, once id finish clean up their mess there was not a drop of paint let in sight it defiantly does what it says and washes out of their clothes of their ands and even off my table which was completely covered .
Paints like Maped superhero makes us mums and dads lives much easier no more saying no to the children you can't paint today as I don't want you getting paint on your best clothes, the weight has been lifted and I now have peace at mind if the girls were to accidentally get paint on them it will wash out. 

We give Maped's Superhero Paints 5/5 

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