Sunday 14 May 2017

The Super Geek Heroes #review

The SUPER GEEK HEROES are a unique group of super-kids... having fun in turn with a mission to learn! 

Their seven friendly ‘super-powers’ are derived from the three prime and four specific development areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. 

The development areas and resulting characters are:

By introducing "superhero characters" to represent learning and development areas within EYFS, children (and adults) interact more effectively when they understand and relate to their meaning. The use of fun animated 3D characters in this way make children’s learning and development cool, exciting and interesting right through their early years and beyond.

You can view here:  Super Geek Héros here

My girls love Super Geek Heroes especially my 6 year old Davina who is currently in year one at school and learning how to tell the time which is great as Super Geek Hero Millie maths helps you tell the time making learning more fun. Davinas and my youngest Katelyn both love watching children's learning videos on you tube they help with colours, number and their ABC so i think The Super Geek Heros will help to encourage children to watch and also learn a lot from them. We think its great they not only tell you words but also sound them out for you too which helps your children pronounce hard words easily like when they get taught phonics at school. Vicky Voice is also great my daughter Katleyn is almost two and watches a lot of learning programmes and takes it all on board shes very intelligent for her age, i think The Super Geek Heros will be something she continues to watch quite often and by the time she hits school she will already know her ABC and maybe even know the time. Katelyn can already sing while Nursery rhymes which i think programmes like The Super Geek Heros help children to become more advanced and defiantly recommend your children watching them.
We all want our children to learn in the class room as well as out side the class from, we all know children can constantly be glued to the television screen but i think if they watch something they will be achieving and developing knowledge from i cant complain. 
Would you love to find out more
Just subscribe here to the Super Geek Heroes YouTube channel!

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