Monday 29 May 2017

Tangle Angel Brush #Review

Professional Detangling brush 

Heaven Sent Hair !

Tangle Angel are a super cool and fun hairbrush brand, specialising in detangling both wet and dry hair. They come in adult size. cherub size and even a mini key ring, detangling anytime, anywhere. They have a huge range of styles and colours available (used by some very famous faces i might add!) meaning there's a style to suit everyone. The precious pink brush is particularly popular with the younger audience, as it's the perfect pink shade and shaped just like an angel ! 

We were asked if we would like to try a Detangling Tangle Angel brush and we jumped at the chance as three of us at Mums Diary have very long hair which can be come a struggle and a painful task not only after washing our hair but first thing in the morning too. My 2nd eldest daughter dreads having her hair brushed as her hair is always knotty as she has very fine flyaway hair. 

We was sent a beautiful black GR8 Graphite Tangle Angel brush which we have all fell in love with it really does detangle your hair with out having to pull or tug at the knots it glides throughout your hair smoothly and gently making brushing your hair pain free. Tangle Angel's detangling brushes are also
  • Heat resistant
  • Anti static
  • Water resistant
  • 99.9% Antibacterial 

Tangle Angel is also perfect for detangling wet/dry hair, hair extensions, children's hair and great when blow drying your hair. 

Davina is much happier about having her hair brushed now she never has to worry about it hurting anymore which makes both our lives easier.

You can check out the Tangle  Angel Brushes here :

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