Friday 14 April 2017

Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk Review

My daughter Davina aged 6 was lucky to be picked to review her all time favourite girls Nickloadeon show Shimmer & Shines dress up trunk. 

Soon as the Shimmer & Shine Dress up trunk arrived Davina was so excited to take a look at all the fabulous dress ups inside, First of all we was amazed at the bright and beautiful Shimmer & Shine trunk which was made of sturdy cardboard and was covered in genie sparkle and a plastic window for the lid which had all the Shimmer and Shine dress ups on show.  Included in each Shimmer & Shine trunk is:
1 pair of play slippers
2 Bangles
12 interchangeable jewels 
2 Hair clips
1 decorative genie bottle storage container  

Davina loves dressing up and was overly excited to dress up as her very own Shimmer and Shine character, first of all Davina put on her Genie slippers which she found was a little to big but has plenty of room to still grow in which means they will fit her for a good few months yet.

Secondly Davina tried on the Shimmer and Shine bangles which she thought were cool as you could remove the gems and replace them with more gems provided making each bangle your own.
Davina then put her genie bottle shaped hair clips in which she said made her look and feel pretty.

Another great feature is the Shimmer & Shine genie bottle which has a spinner you can spin to help you choose which gems to put on your Shimmer and Shine bangles and all spare gems can then be stored away inside your Shimmer & shines genie bottle.
Shimmer & Shine trunks are priced at £12.99 and can be found here at Toys R Us .

Davina has now asked for Other products in the Shimmer and Shine range which include – Shimmer & Shine Wig sets, Shimmer & Shine boxed dress up sets and Shimmer & Shine Jewellery boxes. 

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