Thursday 6 October 2011

Benjoy Muncups Foods Review

 Benjoy is a new children's nutrition company thats a
 ground-breaking new food company that develops 100% natural, nutritious
 children's snacks in the first, anti-spill packaging solution, the Benjoy
 MUNCHCUPT, which you might have heard about already.

* No artifical flavours
* No artifical colours
* No preservatives
* No hydrogenated fat
* Perfect for lunchboxes and food on the move
* 1 of you 5 a day
* No added sugar

The MUNCHCUPT is the first anti-spill, "less mess" packaging of its kind
 anywhere in the world. The range includes Crunchy
Strawberries, Crunchy Grapes, Multigrain Bites (Tomato & Carrot; and also
 Strawberry & Apple), Multigrain Munchers (Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper) and
 Vegetable Mini Crisps!

We was kindly sent  some sample to try heres what we thought:

Strawberry - Children love strawberries, Benjoy have taken nutritious, fresh strawberries and freeze-dried them. This is a gentle process that removes the water from the fruit with out destroying nutrients and creates a wonderful, crunchy texture that children really like. Benjoy strawberries are delicious, handy snack that your children will enjoy mine did.

Grapes- Benjoy are done in the sanme process concentrating on the flavour and goodness preserving the nutrients. One portion of Benjoy Crunchy Grapes is made from approximatley 11 fresh grapes (55g). They taste really yummy and make a nice change from rasins.

Tomato & Carrot- These tasty, nutritious little bites are a firm favourite with young taste testers (and mums and dads too ). Benjoy have use a special mix of grains to provide a range of nutrients and added a little vegatable juice for extra flavour, with out adding any salt or sugar. 

Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper - Breadsticks are a popular snack for children , but Benjoy wanted to make something much more intresting and nurtritious that would be just right for little ones. There Multigrain Munchers are made with a delicious mixture of wholesome seeds and grains and tasty vegetable purees for added flavour and goodness. Great fro munching on their own or dipping in you favourite dips.

 Our favourite was the sweet selection Strawberrys & Crunchy Grapes they were full of flavour and left you wanting more.
Theses really yummy snacks come in a pack of four so there was enough for me and the children to try on each. Benjoy Munchcups are a healthy handy snack that comes in a plastic cup. They are anti spill as they have flaps that seal in the snack which is a great idea as you have no mess to clear up.
The Munchcup is ideal for picnics as it means less cleaning for parents and
healthy snacks for toddlers, whether they are taking a break from the swing
sets or sitting down for a nice lunch. The Munchcup is the first
anti-spill, ³less mess² packaging of its kind anywhere in the world.
Also, the inside of the four-pack package has wise ideas on how to use the
package to make a Wise Owl mask for a bit of fun!
We found the sweet ones to be more tasty, my 11month old daughter Davina loves Munchcup healthy snack and enjoyed helping her self.
They are also hand when out in the pushchair if your child accidentally dropped there cup you wouldn't lose none of your lovely snacks.
There is one thing i would add to these cups is a reusable lid.

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