Monday 10 October 2011

Review Tilda taste panel

Tilda aims to make family mealtimes less stressful 
Get Cooking with the new TILDA TASTE PANEL 

Tilda, the UK’s number one dry rice brand, known for its 100% Pure Basmati rice, is helping mums across the country to make mealtimes into true family occasions, by introducing the NEW Tilda Taste Panel.
For over 40 years Tilda has been producing the finest quality rice for delicious cooking and now wants to make mealtimes even more enjoyable by showing mums how easy it can be to better incorporate rice into their daily family diet.
 TIlda’s NEW Taste Panel is made up of three mothers, who are experts in food, nutrition and family life and aims to provide helpful ‘mother-to-mother’ advice on how to take the stress out of preparing healthy and delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy eating.

With the help of food experts Jo Pratt and Maunika Gowardhan you’ll be able to make quick, easy and convenient suppers in minutes! Plus nutritionist Azmina Govindji will also be advising on how to make sure your loved ones eat a healthy, balanced diet.
 With recent research showing that family mealtimes are becoming ever more difficult to manage on top of work life pressures, TV chef Jo Pratt has devised a delicious menu of quick ten-minute recipes featuring Tilda’s Steamed Basmati range. 

What’s more you can even get your kids involved in the cooking and preparation, as each recipe has been designed to be as kiddy friendly as possible, giving mum an additional pair of hands in the kitchen! 

Jo Pratt’s Mummy and Me Recipes

Makes 6-8


1 pack of Tilda Steamed Basmati Egg Fried Rice

100g small cooked prawns or 100g flaked tinned tuna

100g carrot, coarsely grated

½ red pepper, cut into small pieces

1-1 ½ tsp sweet chilli dipping sauce, plus extra to serve (or tomato ketchup if preferred)

12-16 square sheets of fresh filo pastry 

Vegetable oil for brushing

Pre-heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7.

Line a baking tray with baking paper. 

Lightly massage the pack of Tilda rice to separate the rice grains. Tear the top of the pack 2cm across and cook for 2 minutes in the microwave.
Meanwhile, place the prawns or tuna in a mixing bowl with the carrot, red pepper and sweet chilli dipping sauce, then add the rice. Mix well and set aside.
Lay a sheet of filo pastry on the work top or board and brush lightly with oil. Place another sheet of pastry on top and lightly brush with oil. Turn the square so that one corner of the pastry is pointing towards you. Spoon some filling onto the corner nearest you. Fold this corner towards the centre and tuck under the filling.

Fold the two outside corners to the middle so it looks like an envelope. Brush lightly with oil then roll up to look like a sausage shape. Brush once more and sit on the lined baking tray. Repeat until you have made the rest of the spring rolls. 
Place in the oven for 15-18 minutes until lightly golden and crisp.

 Cool slightly before eating, with extra sweet chilli dipping sauce to serve.

PS…For a meaty version of this recipe, finely chopped cooked chicken or turkey make a tasty alternative to tuna or prawns. For a vegetarian option, you could omit the tuna or prawns altogether and substitute with extra vegetables or even add some tofu or tinned white beans. 


Serves 4 small portions or 2 adults portions

1 pack of Tilda Steamed Basmati Egg Fried Rice

2 chicken breasts, skinless

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp runny honey

1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil

150g green beans, Tenderstem broccoli or asparagus

75g sweetcorn

100g pineapple, chopped (fresh or tinned in fruit juice and drained)

Thinly slice the chicken breast, place in a bowl and stir in the soy sauce and honey. Leave to one side to marinade for a few minutes.
Finely slice the spring onions and chop the green beans, Tenderstem broccoli or asparagus into small pieces. Heat the oil in a wok then add the chopped vegetables. Stir fry for about minute before adding the chicken and marinade. Stir fry for a couple of minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Add the Tilda Steamed Basmati Egg Fried Rice, sweetcorn and pineapple. Stir fry everything together for about 2 minutes until the rice is completely heated through then serve in bowls or on plates.


Serves 6

1 pack Tilda Steamed Pure Basmati rice

500ml semi-skimmed milk, plus extra for serving (optional)

50g caster sugar

50g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

2 medium bananas, peeled and sliced

Lightly massage the pack of rice to separate the rice grains. Tip into a non-stick saucepan and add the 50g of sugar and 500ml of milk. Bring to a simmer and gently simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until thickened. Keeping the pan on the heat, add the chocolate and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and add any extra milk to loosen if needed.
The bananas can now be either stirred into the chocolate rice pudding or served on top. Serve hot or if preferred the chocolate rice pudding is just as tasty served chilled.

PS…As an alternative to bananas, why not try other fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, mango or pear with the chocolate rice pudding.

Tilda has a wide range of products ranging from Pure Basmati Dry Rice, new Tilda Stir Fry, and Tilda Steamed Basmati, available in a wide variety of flavours.
We was kindly sent two packs of Tilda Rice we was sent a pack of Pure Basmati Steamed rice and Egg Fried which i found was great for a quick simple meal as you only need to micowave for 2mins, i severed the Pure Basmatie rice with a quick 5minute micowave curry.
I found Pure Basmati steamed rice to be fluffy and moist its even better than home made rice.
I now buy Tilda rice on a weekly basis.

Visit for a selection of great-tasting recipes.

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