Wednesday 12 October 2011

Review Basket with 8 Animals

Basket with 8 Animals
(Step into a world of imagination)

Spottiswoode Trading has been selling unusual soft toys for more than twenty years.They sell products for
 customers who are looking for something different like a present for a new baby, a baby shower gift or a birthday present for a toddler.
There designs are there own and as they aim to make simple colourful toys that stimulate small children to use their imagination in creative play. Over the years, spottiswoode have won several awards for there toys from the Practical Pre-School organisation.

Davina aged 11 months was sent one of there beautifully made soft baskets which we all feel in love with its beautifully made and the attention to detail is second to none. This pretty woven basket comes with a collection of 8 easy-to-hold colourful  fabric animals.When i first gave Davina the basket of animals to play with i wasn't sure how she was going to react, i was waiting for her to start throwing the Teddy's out like she does with my washing but to my surprise she didn't, First of all she sat and looked at the basket for a few seconds (must have been a tough choose of which pretty teddy to play with first) . Davina took a purple teddy out and sat there for a good 10mins holding its a looking at it, pointing at its eyes and feeling them.  Davina like to empty all the teddies out of the basket them putting them all back in, Davina has  been able to carry the basket yet as shes only just taking her first steps.Spottiswoode Trading have lots of unusual and unique toys on there website you can take a look here .There are two colours to Choose from a Pastel or Primary coloured Basket and Animals.

We give Spottiswoods Trading 5/5
There products are beautiful can be machine washed, There are so many pretty things to choose from boy or girls.

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