Monday 10 October 2011

Review Hedrin Treat & Go Mousse

Hedrin Treat & Go

Hedrin treat and go foaming mousse is a easy, no fuss way to get rid of head lice and there eggs. The  light, non-oily formula spreads quickly and easily on the hair and is easily dried so there is no need to wash it out straight away. The treatment can be left on during the day or over night, with no need for combing and then simply and easily rinsed out when convenient leaving no residue on the hair.

Hedrin Treat & Go is suitable for use on both adults and children from the age of  6 months and over, Its also formulated with Non- volatile ingredients.

In a large study of 520 patients, Activdiol was clinically proven to kill lice and eggs without pesticides and was shown significantly superior to malathion over two treatments.
With no mess or unpleasant smells, Hedrin Treat & Go can be easily applied to dry hair using the lotion spray or non- drip mousse format.

I was kindly ask if i would like to try Hedrin Treat & Go Mousse format on my children Callum and Michaela, I jumped at the chance to try it as i noticed Michaela had not just brought homework back from school, she had also brought a few little friends home too ( yes head lice ) cant you tell the kids are back to school. This is the first time Michaela has ever had them so I've never used a treatment before, so it was great to try Hedrin Treat & Go Mousse for the first time and see if it works.
I applied the mousse to both Callum and Michaela's hair using a comb to ensure i had got close enough to the scalp as possible, I found it very easy to apply as directed on the box but found when they woke up in the morning there hair still looked wet and greasy, I'm not sure if its meant to have turned out like that but on the other hand it worked so i cant really complain it did the job by killing the head lice.
I will continue to use Hedrin in the future as it did the job and i had no complaints from both children.

Hedrin Treat & Go is priced from £5.49 for 50ml, Hedrin Treat & Go is available from Boot, pharmacies and leading retailers nationwide. Its skin friendly and contains no known asthma triggers.

We give Hedrin Treat & Go Mousse

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