Monday 7 November 2011

Review: Lego Mini Figure display case by Re: creation

Lego Mini figure Display Case

Re: creation bring the hottest new toys to the shops, They have produced this cool new Lego Mini figure display case where you can show off you Lego figure collection.
The Display case comes in two sizes small or large. The smaller display case comes with 8 spaces for your mini figures. The larger case comes with 16 spaces, which would be enough spaces to fit an entire series of mini figures in.

The display case has been designed to either fit on a wall or stand on a flat surface, each display case comes with two plastic feet to help stand it up,This Lego mini figure display case has also been designed stack able so you can keep on collecting.

The display case is well made and has clear plastic so you can view your figures with out having to keep opening the case, it also has a push to open button located on the top of the case.

We unpacked our display case and managed to fit it on one of the beside cabinet's in the kids room  our walls are hard concrete and very hard to drill through.
We have now started collecting our Mini figures and adding them to our display case, the children love getting a new one each week which there pocket money.
Its fun and exciting each figure comes in a little pack and they get to put them together before putting them in the display case.
We found one of the figures a little difficult to place in the case as he held a guitar case which was a little to big and when we closed the case it would knock the figure over as the case hit the door, but after a little play around i managed to move the arms around.
I think the size of the sections need to be a little wider for the mini figure that come with bigger objects.
Each figure cost £ 1.99 and can be purchased from your WH Smith's or Argos store.
Even with those minor issues I fully recommend anyone who collects mini figures to purchase one as they are great and kids love them.

The small case is priced at (SRP £12.99) and the Large is priced at (£19.99), The LegoMinifigure Display case hit the shops in Autumn and will be avaliable from Amazon and  Toymaster and is available in shops now.

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