Sunday 27 November 2011

Review : Bazooka Candy

We was so excited when we was sent some delicious candy treats 
to try from the lovely people at Bazooka candy, there delicious candy is not only tasty its fun keeping you children occupied a little longer (he he). Here is a some of the yummy treats we received.

Rattlez Candy 

This yummy candy comes in the shape of a Baby rattle that is fun for kids,  In side its filled with candy and has a lolly pop attached to the handle so when you open it you have a lick of your lolly and place it back in to the lid and shake it like you would a normal baby rattle, make sure you have put the lid on tightly you wouldn't want to lose all your tasty sweets.
 Once you have had a good shake open it up and your lolly will have been covered in all the tiny candy balls.
The great thing about this design is it has a lid so when you child has had enough, you can store it away a save some for later, so there's no more sticky mess. Callum and Michaela are forever leaving sweets lying around or throwing them in the bin as they have no where to put them when they've had enough. Rattlez candy is a fun sweet that your kids will love. You can also get  Red and blue Flavors include strawberry, raspberry and blue raspberry.

Ring pops

You will definitely feel like royalty with one these diamond shape blings, Ring pops come in a variety of different flavours, strawberry, blueberry, water melon and many more.
These brightly coloured edible rings are great for girls and boy who love wearing rings, These tasty treats are delicious and last for a while unless your children likes to bite them instead.
I think they could do with a cover that fits over the sweet part so you are able to still wear it even when you don't want to eat it, that way you wont get sticky and fluffy.

Snap it

My son Callum loved the new Snap it lollie pop he thought it was cool, Snap it is a lolly pop that is attached to a lolly stick inside a case that flips open, you then close it and start licking away when your done you can open the case and put your lolly back inside and snap it shut saving some for later.
There are two yummy flavours to choose from Blackcurrant and Strawberry.
Snap it is perfectly designed so it can be carried around in your pocket where ever you go with out leaving any sticky mess.

Bazooka baby bottles

Bazooka baby bottles come in a variety of different colours and flavours, they have a hard candy teat that can be dipped in to a sour powder by unscrewing the teat, inside the teat you will find a long plastic stick that you can hold while dipping your teat into the power giving your sweet some extra flavour. I think its great they have added a clear plastic lid as it adds detail to the bottle making it look realistic,it also keeps your sweet clean and letting you keep it longer.

We loved all the Bazooka Candy's we tried well worth every penny.

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