Sunday 6 November 2011

My Baby Girl Davinas now 1 XX

Happy 1st Birthday

My Little Princess

On Wednesday 19th October my princess Davina turned one OMG! doesn't time fly, It wasn't so long ago i was carrying my little bundle of joy, feeling her kicks enjoying my pregnancy.
Now Davina is crawling, walking, laughing,dancing to any music she hears (yes even TV adverts) think I've got a little disco diva in the making.
Davina's favourite food is ravioli and noodles she lets you know shes finished by throwing there bowl hm mm i can never seem to catch it before it hits the floor.
I cant believe Davina isn't calling me mommy but she will call me Kirsty, she thinks its really funny.
Out of my three children Davina has been the most happy, smiley baby theres not a day shes many which i love.
My two eldest Callum 8 Michaela 5 love there little sister Davina so much they are really great with her, playing with her, watching TV.
I couldn't ask for anyother special children they are the best thing in my life there smiles and laughter makes me smile.

Ive added some lovely pictures of Davinas 1st Birthdat party when it was first decorated by my lovely mom isnt it just beautiful.

I would like to share a picture of Davinas 1ST Birthday cake from a lovely lady who has a company on facebook

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