Tuesday 22 November 2011

Review: Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Bring your toys to life !

I couldn't believe it when the lovely people at Activision asked if we would like to test one of there amazing Skylander- Spyro Adventure game packs for the wii.
This is the first time i have saw this game as I'm normally buying PS3 game for my son and haven't really played the wii lately, since receiving the Spyro Skylander pack we've played nothing else since, its a really fun game and once you get started you just want to keep going and completing each level.
This great Spyro Skylander game pack comes with a Portal of Power which connects to the wii wireless which is great as you haven't got any trailing wires  and the portal can be placed some where little ones cant reach it, Davina aged 1 years tries to run away with our toy characters.
There are three toy characters included in the pack these were Trigger happy, gill grunt and spyro, the pack also includes a game, and batteries which is fantastic as you always find a lots of toys say batteries not included so we was relived when we saw there was batteries, this meant we could get stuck in straight away, no trip to the shops.
I must admit I'm not very good at setting gadgets up but it was really easy after a few simple steps it was ready to go, Just set your wii up like you normally would, insert the Spyro game in to the wii, turn on your Power Portal, once the game has loaded on your screen place the character of your choice on to the portal and as if by magic your character appears on you television screen. The Portal of power even flashes colours which is an excellent feature.
 The toy character save your game data eg, levels, points etc for the next time you play even if it’s on a different platform at your friends house so if for example you have an Xbox and your friend has a Wii you can still take the toys to your friends house and play, then once back home you can then finish the game from where you left of at your friends house.

This amazing game pack is also 2 player, you can place a minimum of 2 characters on to the Portal of power allowing you to play a classic battle mode which  provides a selection of different game modes and arena maps for players to face off against each other. Each unique arena map contains a variety of obstacles, hazards and power-ups. Players will want to make sure they build up their army of different characters and level them all up to battle their friends on equal ground.
I must state you will need to have two wii controls and two nun chucks to be able to play battle mode, we only have one nunchuck so we haven't had chance to try that yet.

There are a whole lot more characters to buy making it so much more fun as each character opens more contents of the game.
There are 32 characters to collect all together, we cant wait to see many more adventure games.

Spyro Adventure's is suitable for ages 7-13

We give it a whopping 5/5

For more information, be sure to visit the official Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure game website located at www.skylandersgame.com.


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