Wednesday 16 November 2011

Review: Branston Peanuts & Crakers


I was kindly asked by Crosse Blackwell to try there Branston pickle peanuts & crakers snacks.
 These tasty treats of Branston coated peanuts and mini cheese crackers emulate the nation’s favouritoe cheese and pickle sandwich in a snack size bag and can be enjoyed all year round but with Christmas rapidly approaching these nibbles are perfect to share with friends and family.

Crosse & Black have announced: "Pickle lovers can now enjoy the delicious taste of Branston in the form of a brand new snack, Branston Peanuts & Crackers".
 A modern twist on a British classic, Branston Peanuts & Crackers deliver the tantalising taste of the nation’s favourite cheese and pickle sandwich in a handy snack-sized bag. The delicious oven baked peanuts are coated in the unique flavour of Branston and are accompanied with tasty cheese mini crackers – perfect for tickling the taste buds of any pickle pundits.
These sweet and tangy nibbles can be enjoyed either at home or on the go; and in the run up to Christmas make the fantastic addition to any festive occasion.

We was sent two snack size bags to try, so myself, Callum and Michaela be began our taste testing and i have to say having tried Branston pickle and huge lover of it the tangy, bit spicy peanuts to me at first tasted more like Worcester sauce until i finished my tasting i then could taste a hint of Branston after taste, as for the cheese cracker the combination of peanuts & crackers worked really well but i couldn't taste any cheese from the crackers which would have been much nicer as i love Branston pickle and cheese, Im thinking the sharpness of there Branston was to over powering so there was no flavour to the crakers which was a shame.
Michaela 5 loved them but Callum thought they were to spicy, but then again callum doesn't like Branston like i do.

Available in Aldi, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose stores nationwide - Branston Peanuts & Crackers are priced from £1.49 for a 90g bag

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